Tuesday, 8 November 2011

(Anita O’Day tenderly, sweetly, sings in waves in varying frequencies that come in pretty wisps of sound from your kitchen)

Bonfire Night at Lewes was scary/out of control, but cool and beautiful. 

My favourite oriental friend Wing-Yee has a blog, people should check it out, she's very good at drawing. She can literally draw anything. Although her page doesn't have very many posts yet i'm sure she's got loads to put up there in the near future, I think there's a link on my blog lists. (hypehypehype).
I am hopefully going to be doing some scriptwriting soon with my friend Craig, COMEDY, but who knows when I'll have time for that with all the other work I've been avoiding.
I also have been roped into doing a poetry Open Mic Night at The Blind Tiger, Grand Parade on December 6th which I will do once only, with sufficient gin in my gullet and wobbly knees. 

All the songs on this album still make me feel weird after three years of it on repeat. Perhaps a lot to do with old flames and hospital visits! WHY MUST ALL MUSIC BE RUINED BY ATTACHING IT TO EVENTS/PEOPLE/PLACES?
I will write something and update this soon.

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